Flight Cabin Boeing

Flight Cabin Boeing


The saying goes: out with the old, in with the new. For the custom-engineered Thronos, this means putting you where the action is: right in the motorized cockpit. So take a seat, enjoy some in-your-face gaming and immerse yourself in the cozy confines of its mechanized cocoon-like cabin. Your lion xxx awaits.

Panel 737 Desktop with Overhead 737 V2 / PMDG 737- 800/900 NGX & other. Plug and Play directly with your FSX, Prepar3D V3, Prepar3D V4 and X-Plane 10 & 1 computer integrated in the MIP

It functions on only one external computer. Created for PMDG 737NGX – 800/900 NGX addon and other, all is functional and can be connected easily with only 4 cables ! 2 USB, 1 network cable RJ-45 and 2 sectors cables 220v/(110v) A true Plug & Play panel !!!!

Included in the price:
  1. Computer included in the instrument panel (for flight instrument management)
  2. Instrumentation managment program « SimAvionics » and all complete scripts !
  3. Complete scripts integration !
  4. FSUIPC software and others
  5. Complete throttle non-motorized included !
  6. Boeing 737 PMDG 800/900 addon included
  7. Are provided : documentations, French and English manuals, some 737 starting procedure, cables and screws.
  8. MIP panel 737 Desktop configuration from home delivery ! (Remote support)
  9. Follow-up and after-sales service to the customer !*

(* See License agreement et sale agreement !)

In other way :
  1. You order and receive the Panel 737 Desktop
  2. You mount the Panel on your desktop with its Overhead
  3. You run installation CD with its setup (15 minutes)
  4. You fly !!!! A real Joy !!!
  5. No apparent cable !
Highlight :
  • Manufacturing in Switzerland (robust !)
  • True Plug & Play (connexion with 2 USB cables and 1 network cables RJ-45 included)
  • FSX/P3D V3/P3D V4/X-Plane 10 compatibility
  • PMDG 737 NGX and other compatibility
  • Dramatically functioning with great stability
  • Freedom of use and fluidity in 4K display
  • Connection with only 4 cables (2x USB cables, 1x network cable RJ-45 et 2x 220v sector cables)
  • Very simple setup installation and ready to work in less of 15 minutes !

Note : It’s not the case of our rivals, both in its robustness, its product quality and its installation/configuration simplicity !

(No computer and electronic knowledge needed guaranty !)

Accessories :
  • Included in the price : Overhead 737 V2 Plug and Play, CD with Setup (installation in lest of 15 minutes), of remarkable simplicity the Panel is usable immediately.
  • You can benefit of a quick remote installation by our cares !
  • (Not include : Overhead support adjustable on the 737 Desktop Panel and the screen) / (Price Frs : 1’698.-).
  • Internal network card included and must be installed by you.
  • Complete trottle non-motorized and addon PMDG 737- 800/900 NGX included !
  • Panel 737 Desktop with Overhead 737 V2 / PMDG 737- 800/900 NGX

A real simplicity revolution !

  • No need to install a simulator in a dedicated room
  • No visible cables trailing on the ground
  • No more having to install his panel and wait weeks or months to get scripts too often unstable and unsuccessful !
  • Finished the lack of total immersion due to a remote screen fastening!

With NewConcept Informatique all is clear, clean and precise ! Without ambiguity !

Technical characteristics :

MIP (Panel):

  • Length: 1,12 m
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Weight: 35 kg

Overhead + MIP:

  • Length: 1,25 m
  • Height: 1,93 m
  • Width: 1.12 m (with OVH support of 1.95m width)
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Compatible screen support from 40″ to 48″ not curved included (without screen) !
  • Tubular OVH support in addition!

Minimal system requirements :

  • stable Windows 7 64bit
  • Microsoft Flight simulator X (SP2), Prepar3D v3, Prepar3D v4 or X-Plane 10 and soon X-Plane 11
  • Intel core i5 processor
  • RAM of 8Go
  • 10 Go on hard disk
  • Graphic card DirectX9 with 2Go of RAM / (GTX)

However, it is advisable to acquire a quality computer to ensure stability and a well functioning with FSX, Prepar3D V3, Prepar3D V4 or X-Plane 10

We assemble and configure tailored computers for flight simulation. Don’t hesitate to ask a detailed offer !

Price without VAT (for export)

Shipping and packaging cost aren’t included !


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